I guess with this kind of winter we have to find ways to stay positive right? Like breaking the record for "Record ice cover on the Great Lakes!" It's a stretch I know, but it is interesting to say the least! This Polar Vortex winter  has created the most ice cover on the Great Lakes in more than 20 years. The ice cover is usually at its peak in mid-March, so don't worry guys there is still time for the record to be broken. 

    Lake Superior is now more than 90% covered by ice, forecasters believe the 1979 record of 95% ice cover across all the Great Lakes could be broken by this weekend! The lakes virtually frozen over are Lake Michigan, Erie, and Huron, and ice is starting to cover Lake Ontario, which has been the slowest to freeze.

There has even been reports of Niagara Falls starting to freeze over... I love winter but after this one all I have to say is, is it over yet?!?!