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Before and After Visual Effects

How cool! Famous Movie Scenes Before And After Visual Effects From Dima Koslowski Facebook // Famous Movie Scenes Before And After Visual Effects- Dima Koslowski...
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Can You Read Lips After Watching This?

Absolutely extraordinary. Powerful video, but also slightly frightening. You have to watch until the very end to get the full "goosebumps"effect. "Production company Little Moving...
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Is This Jacket the New "Dress?"

One year after "The Dress" debate, a new photo has emerged. Many are still confused if the dress is black and blue or white and gold, but a new jacket is causing even more confusion....
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Dog Gets Owner for Christmas

Old video...but an adorable one! We've seen tons of videos of people receiving pets for Christmas or other holidays, but what about a dog receiving the gift of a person? Too cute....
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What do you think is the perfect slice of toast?

This photo has gone viral all over social media, and people are really debating what toast number is the perfect slice? Food psychologist Dr Christy Fergusson reveals the hidden meaning...
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Would You Board The Titanic II?

Pretty amazing, but would you have the guts to board the "Titanic II?" // A millionaire is building a replica of the Titanic called "Titanic II." Seriously! Posted by...
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Starving sea lion found in California restaurant

From the Associated Press & WOOD TV 8: SAN DIEGO (AP) — A starving sea lion has been rescued after finding its way into the booth of a fancy San Diego restaurant. Experts at...
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In case you need to smile today, with or without teeth

Although this is an old video, it's sure to make you smile! On May 12th 2015 a 102-year-old woman celebrates her birthday with her family, but she may have blown her candles out a little too...
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Quebec town uses yogurt for fuel

A small town in the heart of Southern Quebec is being fueled by what many of you may eat for breakfast. Read the full story at .
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How West Michigan is Helping Flint

"If three people from Grand Haven can get a truckload of water to Flint in three hours, the state should too. Please help the people in Flint get uncontaminated water and get the damaged...
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