From our media partner, Fox News:

A freelance journalist claims she was the victim of racial profiling while traveling on a United flight from New York City to Chicago on Wednesday.

Amanda Stevens says she was about to board the plane when a gate attendant took her out of line. According to BuzzFeed, the airline employee told Stevens that the pilot requested the passenger change her shirt or turn it inside out before boarding.

Stevens was wearing a black and white t-shirt with an upside down American flag—a  design collaboration between PacSun and rapper A$AP Rocky. She complied by turning the shirt inside out and was able to board the flight.

Before the flight took off, an attendant approached Stevens again and said the pilot had concerns with her hat—a "Black Panther" baseball cap which, Stevens says, was not a reference to the black nationalist movement but a product from a line of branded Marvel superhero apparel. 

The flight attendant then told her that she would have to leave the flight after failing to comply with the pilot's orders.

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