There have been a few tragic airline accidents in the news lately. Anyone worried about international travel?

A new poll, conducted for TheStreet shows that more than one third of Americans agree that recent political turmoil has made them afraid to fly internationally.

As a result of recent political turmoil:

36% said they are afraid to fly internationally

Women were more likely to be afraid then men, with 42% of women versus only 29% of men afraid to fly internationally

Different age groups ranged in their response, with 38% of those over 65 versus only 27% of those ages 18-35 afraid to fly internationally

"Airlines expressed some concern about excess Transatlantic capacity during recent earnings calls, but said that the capacity growth is slated to slow in the winter. Based on the results from TheStreet's new survey, it's possible that this growth could slow even more quickly if fears continue to mount," said Ted Reed, TheStreet's Transportation Reporter.