The lady who breaks the American sparkling wine across the bow of the Navy's newest aircraft carrier Saturday is also the ship's "sponsor" and the daughter of the man for whom the ship is named. 

Susan Ford Bales even helped install some of the wiring in the USS Gerald R. Ford. "Because I was never a part of the Navy, to me it was a way to connect with him," said Bales.

She told WOOD Radio that the workers at the Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia "are America, and I love it."

CVS-78, as it is officially designated, will be  the lead ship of its class of Navy supercarriers, going into service in 2016, replacing the USS Enterprise.

She said, "One of the best ways to continue his legacy is to have this huge, however many tons of steel out there, protecting America."

WOOD TV and WOODRadio's Rick Albin covers the dedication.

WOOD Radio will stream the dedication ceremony beginning at 11 o'clock.