Sheriff's deputies say a masked man set a fire in the clothing department of a southwestern Michigan Walmart store, then went to the electronics department where he smashed a display case and stole numerous items.
The Berrien County sheriff's department says the robbery happened about 4:45 a.m. Sunday at a Walmart store in Niles Township.
The department says the man fled out the front door and drove off. 

Reports indicate investigators may have surveillance video showing a man they think is the suspect also trying to steal electronic items at the store on Saturday. They say he wasn't masked then.

WOOD TV reports suveillance videos show an unmasked man enter the store just after midnight Saturday.

The department says the stolen items are worth thousands of dollars. The store has remained closed.

The Berrien County sheriff's department asks anyone with leads in the theft to call 269-983-7141, extension 6242.