Major renovation projects are underway in and around the Michigan Capitol building, including the pending purchase of new chairs for the 110 members of the Michigan House.

State lawmakers have allocated  $3.1 million for the projects.

It's happening as lawmakers are back home campaigning.

In the Michigan House, desks are being sent out for a new varnish job.   The clerk of the house says the desks have not been redone since restoration of the capitol in 1994 and there is the normal wear and tear that needs repairing.

In addition, the existing chairs on the house floor will be replaced next year because they are not ergonomically designed.   It's not clear yet what the price tag will be on the chairs.

A new air conditioning system for the house and senate has already been installed.

And the renovations aren't just inside. Gardeners are readjusting the pH level of the grass on the Capitol Building lawn. Sidewalks are also being replaced.

In the meantime, workers are ripping up the old capitol steps and for about $90,000 they are installing new heating wires in the new steps to prevent them from freezing over during the harsh winter months.

Officials say that alone should add another 30 years of life for the steps which are a favorite gathering place for demonstrations.

Further, the guard house at the entrance to the capitol parking lot will reportedly be replaced in the near future and parking lot repairs are on the agenda.

And finally, the capitol dome is in line for a fresh coat of paint and some roof repairs are on tap, as well.