Using fireworks on our nation’s birthday is as American as apple pie, backyard barbecues and parades. And it is equally safe if a few common sense rules are followed, says Mic Gunderson, executive director at Kent County Emergency Management. Unfortunately, common sense sometimes goes out the window

"People begin to get careless working around fireworks, not giving them the respect they are due."

Gunderson says serious injuries are caused by fireworks include the loss of fingers, eyesight and hearing on a worse-case basis but the most common injury is to children using sparklers.

"You can have third degree burns when using simple sparklers. Those things get extremely hot."

Gunderson says treat fireworks with respect, just like you would with kids at the beach.

"Much like you do with kids around water. You would have someone designated to keep an eye out for the kids. A similar strategy should be used when fireworks are being used."

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