The state Senate, Wednesday night and into Thursday morning, tried and failed to come together to approve a bill package that would provide more funding to repair Michigan's roads.

After two attempts to replace the state's 19-cent per gallon gasoline and 15-cent diesel taxes with an equal rate based on the average wholesale price of fuel in an effort to generate $1 billion plus for the state's roads, the Republican majority unsuccessfully tried to push through an amendment for a smaller $39 million tax increase.

Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer criticized the GOP for attempting to pass the smaller tax hike that wouldn't generate enough funding to fix Michigan's roads calling the amendment "a joke."

The Senate, earlier in the day, had attempted to approve a plan that would ask voters to increase that state's sale tax to generate $1.3 billion more annually for roads, bridges and public transportation.

However, that measure failed.

Photo Credit WOOD TV