Late Wednesday afternoon, folks in the  Holland area can see what their new power plant will look like. 

The BPW will show off the architect's drawings and explain the plans for building the new natural-gas-fired power generator on 26 acres of land at a joint meeting of the city Council and the BPW Board, 5:30 p.m. at city hall.

BPW General Manager Dave Kosters tells WOOD Radio that most of the homes that needed to be cleaered from land have been acquired, and not through a governmnent "eminent domain" taking of people's property.  He said most homeowners were offered reimbursement around 140% of actual property value.

Demolition could begin as early as May, after Tulip Festival, and the contract will start its work next year.

The entire power plant should be finished in October 2016.

Kosters said the 114-megawatt power plant will use natural gas as the fuel to replace an expansion of the coal-burning power plant now used in Holland.  That has been subjected to much environmental activist criticism in recent years.