Recent measures by Case-Shiller show sales of existing homes up 30% over the same time a year ago, home prices are also improving by 7%-8% for the same period.

The Bank of Holland's Mortgage Sales Manager Craig Wolffis told WOOD Radio that's finding new home buyers and "first home" owners getting active at the same time. "Existing homes are going on the market, selling quickly and a whole new pool of buyers has been built as a result." Wolffis added the "starter home" owner looking for that "location" to put kids through school or move closer to their job are aggressively pursuing their goals. "They're selling maybe a few years later than they thought, but they're now finding they can settle in for the long run. With rates being low, many people are feeling now's the time to do that."

The Bank of Holland and other lenders say home construction borrowing's coming back.  Wolffis said any borrower needs to go through pre-qualification, so they know what they can afford and lenders are sure they're capable. "Just about any builder's going to ask them to do that before they get too far into it. There are a number of things to think about and that process is much longer, often than selling and buying new."