Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville has introduced legislation to increase the state's minimum wage, but could also negate a ballot proposal seeking a bigger increase.

Richardville's bill would increase the minimum wage to $8.15 an hour by September 1, 2014. As written, his measure would repeal the current minimum wage law and enact a new one.

If the Republican Senate leader's bill is passed and signed by Governor Rick Snyder, it would put the ballot proposal to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour in serious legal jeopardy, as the proposal would attempt to amend a minimum wage law that would no longer exist.  Richardville's spokeswoman, Amber McCann, says the bill would, in fact, negate the ballot proposal.

She says, "The majority leader thinks they’ve done a lot in Michigan to put the economy in a good spot. We’re starting to turn the corner, we’re making progress, and he doesn’t want to see the proposal on the ballot do anything to derail that progress."