A mid-Michigan surgeon is among seven physicians in the country who received more than $10 million for Medicare reimbursements in 2012.

USA Today reports that according to a federal government release of Medicare data earlier this week Dr. Vasso Godiali, a vascular and general surgeon practicing in Bay City, brought in $10.1 million in Medicare pay for services to about 1,600 patients.

That sum places Godiali sixth on the list behind Dr. Salomon Melgen, a West Palm Beach, Florida, ophthalmologist who topped the list at $21 million, according to USA Today.

Much of the billing by Godiali was for surgical procedures to remove blood clots or repair arterial blockages. He also was reimbursed for treatments to prevent aneurysms and coronary artery disease. Godiali told the Bay City Times that he works 18-20 hours per day, seven days a week, and Medicare reimbursements account for nearly all of his office's total income.

The average 2012 reimbursement for Michigan doctors was about $84,700.