Michigan's craft beer industry is getting company from makers of gin, rum and vodka

Coppercraft Distillery, a Holland-based distiller of quality spirits with a focus on local ingredients and production, today announced the delivery receipt of its new 750 gallon, 28 foot stainless steel still . The new still will more than double its production capacity, enabling Coppercraft Distillery to easily meet future demand for its products.

"For our clear spirits, the demand has taken off faster than we even thought it could."

The distillery’s current capacity is 15,000 cases annually. Production capacity will reach 30,000 cases annually with the addition of the second still. Coppercraft plans to add 3 to 5 new jobs to assist with the increase in production.

In addition to the current spirits offerings of gin, rum, vodka and citrus flavored vodka, Coppercraft Distillery is also producing and aging bourbons, whiskies and brandies that are set for release later this year; with it’s first whiskies being released Mid-July.

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