The Michigan Natural Resources Commission has again voted to allow a wolf hunting season in the Upper Peninsula.

The NRC voted yesterday (Thursday) to designate wolves a game species in the state and allow a hunt beginning in mid-November.

The NRC voted earlier this year to allow the hunt, but needed to vote again under the terms of a new law which gave the commission the authority to establish new game species.

The Department of Natural Resources recommended the hunt as part of a strategy to cut down on the number of wolves in parts of the U.P. where wolves have attacked livestock and pets.

The hunt will be limited to 43 wolves in three separate areas of the U.P. in an attempt to decrease population in those specific areas. The DNR says there are an estimated 658 wolves in the Upper Peninsula.

Opponents, who have launched a petition drive to ban wolf hunts in Michigan, say a hunt could result in the animal again winding up on the endangered species list.