A new study shows that for the first time since 1997 Michigan had almost as many people moving into the state as moving out.

The United Van Lines’ 37th Annual Migration Study released this week tracked 129,000 moves by the company nationwide in 2013. It showed that there were 5,573 moves in and out of Michigan. Of those, 46% were into the state and 54% were out of the state.

After 16 consecutive years at or near the top of the outbound list, Michigan appeared in the balanced category for 2013. Michigan led the nation in moves out of the state from 2006 to 2009. Economist Michael Stoll, chair of the Department of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles, says Michigan has joined the balanced category due to improvement in its economy over the past two years.

He says that despite having an unemployment rate higher than the national average, home sales and home prices are up showing an increased demand for housing, the state’s per capita income is up, and automakers in Detroit have rebounded and are hiring.

The study found that Oregon is the top moving destination of 2013, with 61 percent of moves to the state inbound ones. New Jersey topped the list of outbound states at 64 percent.