There are strong signals out of the State Capitol that lawmakers are looking at raising more than the proposed $500 million to fix Michigan's roads.

House Republican Speaker Jase Bolger says increasingly key lawmakers are saying they are willing to add to that amount.

Even Governor Rick Snyder, who wants $1.3  billion for the roads, is getting new signals from individual lawmakers who say they are much more open minded after hearing from their constituents.

But Scott Hagerstrom of the grassroots conservative group Americans For Prosperity says his members want no part of any higher taxes.

He claims that the $350 million proposed for Detroit should go to roads. A consensus seems to be forming to eliminate the 19 cent a gallon gas tax and replace it with a tax on oil companies at the wholesale level and as the price of gas goes up, the state's revenue take would go up too without a vote of the legislature.

State Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville likes that plan but he is hearing that others want to raise even more money. The governor thinks the wholesale tax is gaining traction.

He's been waiting for more than two years to fix the roads. Now it appears he is closer than ever to getting there if lawmakers will go along.