Grand Rapids Public Schools Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal is embarking on a listening tour for Phase II of the Transformation Plan. Students, parents, staff and community members are invited to attend and provide their feedback on four questions:

What is working?

What is not working?

What are the barriers?

What are suggested solutions?

GRPS Spokesperson John Helmholdt tells WOOD Radio the Grand Rapids Public Schools have gone thru big changes as a result of Phase I.

"Everything from the focus on customer service, to improving communications with parents, staff, community involvement. Parental engagement."

Helmholt says the school closings that were part of Phase I were difficult but necessary. Phase II is just as ambitious but involves growth.

"It is a very growth-oriented plan. One that requires the communities awareness and buy-in. We want them to believe in the vision for the future."

Below is a list of times and locations for the Teresa Weatherall Neal listening tour for Phase II of the Transformation Plan.

DATE/ LOCATION: January 14, 2014
Gerald R. Ford Academic Center
851 Madison Ave SE

January 16, 2014
Burton Elementary/Middle School
2133 Buchanan Ave SW

January 21, 2014
Harrison Park School
1440 Davis Ave NW

January 23, 2014
City High Middle School
1720 Plainfield Ave NE

February 4, 2014
Innovation Central High School
421 Fountain St NE

TIME: 4:30-5:30pm Staff,

6:00-7:00pm Community