Newly released police body camera video shows the tense moments when  Grand Rapids Police Department officers detained a group of five black  boys at gunpoint as they searched for an armed suspect.

The March 24 incident has  sparked calls for personal apologies from the officers involved and a  possible GRPD policy change from community groups and some parents.

Video 24 Hour News 8 obtained through the Freedom of Information Act  Friday shows a man describing two kids allegedly involved in a large  fight– one wearing black and the other wearing red and black. The man  says one of them dropped a gun. “They just walked down here not even  five minutes ago,” the man said.

The boys, ages 12 through 14, had left the Salvation Army Kroc Center  on South Division Avenue after playing basketball and were heading  home.

The video from Officer Caleb Johnson’s body camera shows a boy  dribbling a basketball on the sidewalk when Johnson stops his police  cruiser, opens his car door and points a gun at the boys on the city  sidewalk.

“Guys, get on the ground. Keep your hands out. Hey, come over here,  keep your hands where I can see them and get on the ground,” the officer  says. He orders them to the ground several more times, before calling  in backup. All the children are face down on the sidewalk as another  police siren sounds.

One of the boys is heard wailing and crying.

Standing from his car door with gun pointed, Johnson talks to another  officer about what to do next. Johnson can be heard telling the wailing  child to calm down, saying it will be alright.

Johnson tells a woman to go back inside at one point.

“You’ll be alright, you’ll be alright. They’re going to have you,  they’ll have some directions for you in a moment, just stay put, OK?   They’ll let you know what to do,” Johnson tells one of the boys.

One by one, the boys eventually get up from the sidewalk with their  hands on their head and march down to a police cruiser down the street.

Officers later determined none of the children were armed.