Great Lakes Energy Cooperative is warning its members not to fall victim to a common utility scam.

The warning comes after a member of the Northern Michigan non-profit rural electric cooperative was recently contacted by phone by a person posing to be with Great Lakes Energy.

The caller threatened to shut off the member’s electric service if the account was not paid within 45 minutes.

The GLE member hung up and called the cooperative to report the incident. The caller had an accent and identified himself as being part of the "Great Lakes Energy Disconnect Department."

The member received confirmation from Great Lakes Energy that the call requesting payment was a scam. Officials says any member who receives a call from someone claiming to be from Great Lakes Energy and feels pressured for immediate payment or personal information is advised to hang up the phone and call the electric cooperative.

Great Lakes Energy says Co-op members, or any consumer, should never give out personal information, including financial account numbers or social security numbers, over the phone or internet to someone they don't know.

Several other utility companies around the state have had customers targeted by similar scams.