While the local snow removal budgets are being depleted, Gov. Rick Snyder says he wants a "thoughtful and methodical" review of the situation before allocating any additional state dollars to shore up those budgets.

The comments come on the heels of reports that many local road commissions have used up their winter budgets and are now digging into summer maintenance budgets, just to make sure local roads are clear during this snowy winter Michigan is experiencing. But House Republican Paul Muxlow of Brown City, who is the vice chair of the transportation budget committee in the House, supports sending more money to the locals right now.

He and others hope the governor would support the extra funding, because it would make the process move faster.

In the meantime, the governor is saying he has asked the Michigan Department of Transportation to calculate the cost of snow removal around the state, saying "let's let the snow settle a little bit we're working to see what those numbers might be and what the situation is," and adding that "we have to be slow and methodical."