Davenport University Security Services and local law enforcement are holding an active shooter simulation on the W.A. Lettinga Campus Friday afternoon.

The DU Security Services team wants students, faculty and staff to be prepared in the event of an active shooter on campus.

DU faculty and staff as well as the Kent County Sheriff's Department and area emergency responders will take part in the drill held in the first floor of the DeVos & Van Andel Academic Building and all floors of the Sneden Center.

Shallan Spielmaker, Executive Director of Security Services at Davenport University, told WOOD Radio the best way to prepare for an active shooter situation is educating students and staff about what to do if it happens.

Staff and students taking part in the simulation will attend a short meeting prior to the event to make sure they know correct procedure.

Spielmaker said there will be an active shooter with a safety gun firing blanks so students and staff know what a gun actually sounds like.

"There have been a lot of active shooter situations at colleges and universities across the country, and Davenport University wants our students, faculty and staff to be knowledgeable," Spielmaker said.

The DU Alert system will also be tested during the simulation with a test-message. All students, staff and faculty will receive a test phone call, email and SMS text message as they would in an emergency.