19-year-old man Eric Knysz was charged with murder in the shooting of a Michigan State Police trooper during a traffic stop in the northwestern Lower Peninsula.

Trooper Paul Butterfield was shot in the head Monday night during a traffic stop.

Knysz is charged with murder of an officer as well as three other crimes. His wife, Sarah Knysz, faces two charges related to driving away from the scene. Charges against the pair were filed Wednesday in Mason County District Court.

Court records show Knysz should have been in the Lake County Jail rather than driving the pick up truck stopped by Trooper Butterfield.

Records show that in March, Knysz was sentenced to a year in the Lake County Jail for carrying a switchblade. But Lake County court records show the judge sentenced Knysz to time served, three days.@

WOOD TV reports Knysz has been in front of Judge Mark Wickens four times for five crimes since 2008. In each case, the judge gave Knysz credit for time served, meaning he was never sentenced to more jail time than what he had served between the time of his arrest and the sentencing hearing.

At 14 years old, he was charged with burglary. In that case, he and two other teens kicked open the door of a house and Knysz used a firearm to shoot open the door of a barn on the property. He was automatically treated as an adult in juvenile court. He was sentenced to a year in jail and served 29 days.

Last year, he was charged with impair driving and was sentenced to 93 days in jail. All 93 were suspended.

In March, he was sentenced to a year behind bars for carrying a switchblade and 90 days on a traffic offense. He served just three days.

Eight days after that sentencing, Knysz assaulted his uncle in a fight that started as an argument over ice cream sandwiches, court records show. For that, he was sentenced to 93 days in jail. He served two.

All told, he has been sentenced to 1,006 days in jail since 2008 and served only 34. The rest of the jail time was suspended.