The city of Lowell is joining with the North Country Trail Association to celebrate Lowell becoming a North Country Trail town.

City manager Mark Howe tells WOOD Radio the North Country Trail has a great national reputation -- even though many of the locals don't know the trail passes thru downtown Lowell.

"It is a great area. It winds thru the woods, comes up the Flat River and then winds away from the river. The trail has hills, all types of trees and geography."

North Country National Scenic Trail stretches nearly 4,600 miles from Crown Point, New York to Lake Sakakawea State Park in North Dakota....passing right thru Lowell. Joining with the North Country Trail Association could be good for business.

"We'll let hikers know where they can find showers, supplies, food, water, those types of things. We'll work with businesses to let thru-hikers know Lowell is open for business."

Ceremony celebrating Lowell as a North Country Trail today helps kick off the annual Riverwalk days.