The real estate blog Movoto reports its unscientific study of "torrenting", which is one method of transferring very large data files over the internet.   Some people use programs like BitTorrent to spread illegally copied movies and songs, although many users legitimately share photo albums and home DVDs.

Movoto says it found most of the criminal internet torrents in Michigan were of people sharing illegal copies of the TV series "Californication."   So were folks in North and South Carolina.   

The most popular illegally copied movie to make the data stream in Michigan is "Captain America."   That was also number one in four other states, including Wisconsin, next door.

Interestingly, the favorite in Virginia, the bedroom of many of America's political movers and shakers, is "Jackass."

And the most popular illegally copied game download was Watch Dogs, an action-adventure game released in May of this year.

In conducting the study, Movoto said it checked on the available torrent "seeding notes" and that no illegal materials were downloaded to its computers.