Attorney General Bill Schuette and Department of Environmental Quality Director Dan Wyant are seeking detailed information on the current status of two Enbridge oil pipelines laid in the Mackinac Straits more than sixty years ago.

The formal request to Enbridge Inc. and Enbridge Pipelines Inc., asks for detailed information to ensure the Great Lakes are protected from a catastrophic spill in the event of a pipeline failure. Schuette says the unique location of the pipelines, in the Straits, means failure is not an option.

Wyant says they're asking for assurance that Enbridge is monitoring and maintaining its infrastructure adding that Michigan does not need another pipeline break. The letter asks for detailed information about the pipelines including:

life expectancy, pipeline use, preventive maintenance and leak prevention and spill response plans. Schuette and Wyant want Enbridge to respond within 60 days.