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Adam Lambert says there's no way he could possibly replace Freddie Mercury in Queen.  But the "American Idol" finalist says he believes Freddie would "be down" with him fronting the group. 

He says surviving Queen members Roger Taylor and Brian May have "been really cool" about telling him Freddie Mercury stories to help him understand "the kind of guy" Freddie was.  Adam adds that Roger and Brian continually tell him that he and Freddie "would have gotten such a kick out of each other" and "probably would have made each other laugh" -- which Lambert considers to be "quite a compliment." 

But Adam admits "there will only be one Freddie Mercury," and that there's "really no comparing."  He says that as Queen's frontman he's not attempting to be Freddy, but is "just trying to kind of pay tribute." 

Lambert will join Queen for the band's set at the iHeartRadio Music Festival later this month.  The two-day event will take place in Las Vegas on September 20th and 21st.